So, for the month of January I have decided to force myself to practice writing every day. I am doing this by participating in a 31 day free write challenge, in which I will be given a single-word prompt each day and will time myself to write for five minutes on that prompt. I decided to post my writing each day from the prior day’s prompt. So, today I am posting my writing from yesterday. Be warned, this is a “free write” so admittedly some of my days will just suck. But, that is the process of writing and I am learning to love the process. If you choose to read my posts throughout the month, thank you in advance for understanding that the process can be ugly!


Princess Jade

1/1/2018 – “Walk”

He had what you’d call
The way his hips rolled as he walked
there aren’t words to describe that kind of movement
And he had a smile miles wide
engulfed your whole soul when you saw it
I wondered what the sweater on his shoulders thought as it held him
Did it stop to appreciate the experience?
Savor the moment?
To be that close to his hair
hanging down in tendrils so long I could climb them
I watched him fidget with some papers he was holding
his hands burnt red from the cold
I think fireplaces might
fight for the right to warm them
He seemed determined the way
a bear looks when it’s trying desperately to catch a fish –
a little anxious but still elegant
And he walked down that sidewalk
like he owned the whole block

I knew I was nothing more
than a streetlamp
lucky enough to light his way


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