1/4/2018 – “Brew”

When I was 7 I had a dream
we owned a restaurant
and in the back kitchen worked a witch

She had warts, clammy skin and
a pointed hat, all the things
a 7-year-old would expect to see
from a witch working in her parents’ kitchen

Back then I had a real fear of witches
thanks to Roald Dahl and that
terrifying 1990 “kids’” movie they made
So when I saw that witch
brewing who-knew-what
in a cauldron suspiciously the same size as me
dream changed to nightmare and I woke up

My body shook, cold with sweat, but that scrawny,
short-haired, tenacious 7-year-old decided,
this dream wasn’t over
And forcibly went back to sleep

I returned to that kitchen,
potions still brewing,
and scrawny, short-haired,
tenacious dream-me explained to the witch
why it was bad to be bad,
and good to be good

I told her we could be friends if she’d just
quit with the brewing and
be a nice witch instead

And that nightmare shifted so fast:
warty-witch became good,
brewing station removed,
and I guess our restaurant
gained a new cook

17 years later and I still can’t get over
how simple little me made it seem
to take a terrible nightmare
and turn it into a dream

I wish real-life witches
could be talked out of it
so easily


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